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Friday, February 12, 2021

Why the bell is played during the Aarti, what is its religious and scientific importance!

In Sanatan Dharma there is a practice of ringing the bell during the Aarti. 
Not only this, whenever we go to a temple, we also get hours and bells of different sizes. People play it before entering the temple and during the aarti. But have you ever wondered why this is done? Let's know about its religious and scientific importance.

It is said in the Puranas that at the time when the universe was created, an echo of a sound was heard. The bell is considered a symbol of that sound. At the same time, according to astrology, by making a bell, the devotee makes his presence known to God.

Chakras of the body are active

It is believed that this brings consciousness to the idol of God. Apart from this, devotion also starts occurring among the people present there. God accepts your prayers and your enjoyment. According to astrology, the buzzing of bells activates the seven chakras of our body for some time, thereby eliminating negative thoughts and energizing the body with positive energy.

Environment would be pure

The ringing of the bell causes a vibration in the atmosphere. This vibration reaches far and wide. Due to this, the viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms of that area are destroyed. This makes the atmosphere there pure, as well as negativity. Ringing the bell has a special effect on your mind and brain as well. The sound of the bell balances the right and left parts of the brain. Relieves tension in your brain and increases concentration.

Know how many bells are there

1. Small sized bells played in homes which are played by hand are called Garuda bells.

2. The big form of the bell, which reaches far and wide when it is sounded, is called Ghanta. It is usually found in temples.

3. A round plate of brass which is beaten with a wood or hammer is called hand bell. It is often used in fiction etc.

4. Hanging bell at the temple entrance which can be of both small and big size. These are called doorbells. Many people also apply it in the temple of the house.

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