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Friday, February 19, 2021

Vastu Tips: Make your bedroom in this direction of the house, soon the child's desire will be fulfilled

Any person builds his house very thoughtfully and by spending a lot of money. 
He invests his life's hard work in making it, but this house sometimes cannot give you all the happiness that you want. Whether it is small or big, happiness matters a lot.

However, most people make some mistakes at the time of building a house, due to which they are left bereft of the happiness they want to get or they are entitled to. We are talking about a child. A couple usually wants a child, but even when building a house, you make some mistakes because of which the happiness in your house does not resonate.

North direction is considered as upward direction. It is a symbol of growth and expansion. Its owner is Mercury, considered a juvenile planet. The aerial direction is the union of the west and north direction. A guest room is made in it. It is considered auspicious for hospitality. In the houses where the portion of the aerial direction is energetic and positive, the arrival of guests remains in those houses.

Your child also enters your life as a guest. The room built between the north and the aerial direction is considered to be the best for meeting the couple. According to Vastu Shastra, making Ratikaksha is considered to be the best here. It is possible to achieve great children only as a result of good marriage.

In astrology, Moon is considered to be the factor of mother. The said room is auspicious for the mother.

Due to the predominance of north direction here, it is also auspicious to keep the windows of the air flow. Do put good curtains on them. Use light colors in the bedroom.

The direction of your bed should be East-West. While sleeping, the head should be facing east. There should be a window or door in the straight direction towards the feet.

The sweetness of the couple increases in this bedroom. There is also an increase in happiness and samskaras.

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