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Sunday, February 21, 2021

This is the world's most expensive mushroom! 100 grams cost 2 thousand rupees

You must have seen and eaten many types of mushrooms, but this is special among them. 
Not only about the price but also about its cultivation. The price of this 100 gram mushroom is 2 thousand rupees. The yield is very low and hard work is required. Therefore, there are few areas of the world where it is grown.

Here we are talking about a farmer from North Korea who cultivates this mushroom. These mushrooms are called pine tree mushrooms as they grow under pine trees. This mushroom is not grown, but it grows itself under cedar trees in dense forests. However, it is very difficult to find it and only a farmer is able to succeed in it. One such farmer is Ann Jin Hyok who looks for pine tree mushrooms.

Hard work to find mushroom

Ann Jin Hyok told dw.hindi that it is very difficult to find pine tree mushroom and only those who know about it will be able to find it. Those who will recognize this mushroom, they can raise up to 1 kg throughout the day because it can be found very rarely. However, Jin Hyok specializes in this work and knows how these mushrooms look and how to remove them. If the weather is clear, then 10-12 mushrooms are available in one place. If not found, even after walking many kilometers, success is not felt.

In recent times, North Korea has faced a variety of food shortages due to international sanctions. In such a situation, there is thousands of rupees at the cost of mushroom here. Mushrooms like pine trees have given a lot of support to the people of North Korea as it has many medicinal properties along with nutrition. The price of this pine tree mushroom in the market is $ 28 or about 2 thousand rupees for 100 grams.

Where is this mushroom

Mount Chilbo is located on the east coast of North Korea in which the finest pine tree mushrooms are found. This is the area where the mushroom was sent to the President of South Korea. In 2018, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent 2 tons of pine tree mushrooms to South Korea.

The view of Mount Chilbo is quite beautiful and many types of pine tree mushrooms are found in this entire area. The more fresh this mushroom is, the better it gets and accordingly its money is also available. This mushroom is more prone to spoilage, so people keep it dry. The problem is that these mushrooms grow for only a few days of the year, so it is very difficult to remove them properly and sell them in the market. Only those people who are experienced and have the right identification of mushrooms will be able to do this work.

Impact on exports

When there were no restrictions on North Korea, pine tree mushrooms were supplied to China and Japan from there. Now trade is closed due to restrictions and due to Corona the borders are also completely closed. In view of this, there has been a major impact on the export of pine tree mushrooms.

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