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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

There are 4 reasons for applying vermilion in demand, the third reason is every woman has a choice

Hinduism as a whole is dependent on culture and traditions. 
There are many such ancient traditions in Hinduism. Which has been going on for centuries and which people still follow today. It is said that due to these ancient traditions, India has made a distinct identity in the world today. There is also the scientific significance of some of the antiquities of Hinduism. However, very few people know about this scientific significance. Most people see it as a conservative tradition.

One of them is to put women's vermilion in marriage in Hinduism. Most of the time, you may have seen Hindu women wearing vermilion on their heads. In Hinduism, vermilion is considered a symbol of Suhag. There are many rules in Hindu theology regarding the application of vermilion. A number of things related to it have also been mentioned. Adherence to which benefits the woman as well as her family. At the same time, vermilion is also considered to be a symbol of the unbroken good fortune of any woman. According to Hindu mythology, wearing vermilion also prolongs the life span of a woman's husband and opens the door to a woman's happiness.

Here are the reasons behind applying vermilion

1.It is said that according to Hinduism, if there is a demand between the wives So her husband does not die prematurely. She protects her husband in every crisis. At the same time, it makes the relationship between husband and wife smoother. It is said that during Diwali and Navratri, it is considered very auspicious for a husband to put vermilion on his wife's head.

2 It is said that Sindoor is also mentioned in Hinduism in the Ramayana period. It is shown that the character of Ramayana, Sita Mata, was experimenting with Sindoor and once Hanuman asked Sita Mata, "What do you use Sindoor for?" So Sita said on it, it makes Lord Rama happy. That being said, a happy body stays healthy. And it increases life expectancy.

3. According to oceanography, applying vermilion enhances the beauty of a fortunate woman. And the woman also gets acquittal. At the same time, applying vermilion also gives the blessing of good fortune to mother Parvati.

4. It is said that, according to the mythology, Sindoor is considered as an honor to mother Lakshmi. And Mother Lakshmi resides on all four sides of the earth. Including the head of a woman. This is why a woman's head is covered with vermilion.

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