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Saturday, February 13, 2021

The woman underwent surgery to look gorgeous, then screamed at the sight of what had just happened

Often a
 person undergoes plastic surgery when they are unhappy with their look or due to some compulsion. But it is not necessary that this surgery be done the way you want it to be every time. It has also happened in many cases that these operations do not succeed and the person's look deteriorates instead of getting better. Something similar happened to a Russian woman who underwent plastic surgery that changed the size of her buttocks.

Women have undergone many such surgeries to whiten their complexion

Lyubov Laufer, a Russian psychologist, said that after plastic surgery, his buttocks became very large. Lyubov said a plastic surgeon spilled 2 liters of fat on her buttocks. She has undergone surgery to whiten her beauty before, but this time the surgery spoiled Lyubov's beauty instead of whitening it. The problem started when he decided to have a breast implant seven years later due to inflammation.

Lyubov said she wanted some fat to be applied to her back. Congo now claims that she asked her surgeon to do her lip filling which means grafting her own fat to improve the shape of the breast. After which he reached Novosibirsk for this process.

Lyubov was stunned when he saw himself in the mirror

The whole process lasted five hours and Lyubov was amazed when he saw himself in the mirror. "I was amazed when I saw my breasts," says Lyubov. I was horrified to see the horrible shape of my buttocks. "The doctor didn't even bother to come in and didn't even see my condition," he said. The very next morning I was given leave. Now my whole skin is hanging.

The clinic denied any wrongdoing

Lyubov said the doctor took two liters of fat from different parts of her body and injected it into her buttocks. However the clinic has also denied any wrongdoing. He has threatened to sue Kubov if Lyubov complains about the process. Lyubov is now preparing to take action against the doctor through the ethical committee of the Russian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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