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Friday, February 5, 2021

OMG: This American rapper inlaid this rare diamond worth Rs 175 crore on his head

Rappers around the world are known for their bold estimates. 
There are some artists like 
Post Malone who have tattoos all over their faces because an American rapper has gone to a different level and inlaid a rare diamond in the middle of his head. This natural pink diamond is priced at 24 24 million, which is around Rs 175 crore.

Sayamara bayasila 26-year-old Woods is an American rapper and Song is a professional writer and how they are referred to in the name of Lil Uzi wort. Woods is often known for his tattoos and hairstyles on his face. Woods shared a video of himself on Instagram showing himself wearing this diamond of about 11 carats. Many fans are puzzled as to why Woods made such a strange decision.

The artist told his Twitter followers that he had been paying for the diamond since 2017. And was able to complete the payment after more than three years. He has taken this Natural Pink Diamond from jeweler Eliot Alienet. Eliot is known for selling expensive and rare stones to people. Woods also said he would never pursue such an expensive hobby again.

Woods said the value of his cars and home is not as high as this diamond. 
Many are comparing Woods' new hobby to the 2018 film Avengers. Even in the Marvel superhero fic, Supervillain Thanos digs up a precious stone on the head to kill a man named Vision.

When a fan asked UG, why not make a ring of a very expensive diamond and wear it? 
Talking about this, UGA jokingly said, "If I lose my ring, you will make fun of me." Now this diamond will be safe until someone kills me and don't worry it also has insurance.

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