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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Now you can also bring on social media account Blue Tick, just have to do this work

Everyone on a social media account wants their social media account to be verified. 
But very few people know how to bring a blue tick to account. Some companies even charge good money from the user for this blue tick. According to a report published in a private news agency, you may have to spend Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh for a Blue Tick in India. Let me tell you, getting a Blue Tick on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter verifies your account.

Many digital marketing agencies in the market

According to the information received, in countries like USA and UK, the fee for verifying account is higher for the user. According to the report, users of sites like, and are being given Blue Tick at the highest price. The report also says that there are many digital marketing agencies in the market that are providing such services.

The number of followers is increasing with the boosting tool

"The agency is providing a verification service," the report said. That's why they are increasing the number of followers on social media using Boosting Tools. Depending on the account or the post attached to the account is boosted. Companies charge very high fees for this

Blue Tick means Verify Account

Having a Blue Tick on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram means your account is not wrong because it has been verified. If you also want Blue Tick, your account must be valid and active. Companies like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram usually give a blue tick to government organizations, companies, special people, politicians, actors, players and special people connected with business, news companies and politicians and also verify their account.

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