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Monday, February 15, 2021

Lemon rich in nutrients will get rid of these 10 problems, if you know the benefits, start using it from today

Lemon water is our native cold drink! 
Rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, this drink offers so many health and beauty benefits that you may never have thought of. Lemons are easily found in every home. Not only syrup, pickles but also lemons are used in many kinds of 
herbs . It is also considered an important fruit in Ayurveda. Lemon has been recognized since ancient times as the best anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory fruit . Lemon is a nutritious fruit. Lemons are rich in vitamin C. Different elements are found in different proportions in lemon. Lemon can be used in many ways. Learn about the use of lemons


Do not throw away the lemon after extracting the juice, dry its peel well in the sun. After drying, crush it and strain it twice with the help of a cloth. You can also add a little salt if you wish. Brushing your teeth with this toothpaste can clean your teeth as well as get rid of bad breath.

Acne protection

Many people have acne on their face, which is also treated with lemon. For this, by squeezing a quarter of lemon in one and a half teaspoon of cream and applying it on the face every day, the complexion is cleared. Acne can also be cured. This experiment should be done for about a month.

Relief from constipation

Get up in the morning and drink an empty stomach with two glasses of water, a lemon and a pinch of salt. If you always have constipation, you should drink this lemon water in the morning and evening. Constipation will be relieved.

Sour belching

Indigestion due to improper eating and drinking increases the acidity in the body and causes sour belching. In this situation, mixing lemon juice, sugar and a little salt in water gives relief.


Mix half a lemon juice in half a cup of water with a little cumin and a cardamom crush. Drinking it after two hours stops vomiting.

Abdominal pain

Grind salt, ajmo, cumin and sugar in equal proportions. Mix a little lemon juice in it and eat it with warm water to get relief.

Sore throat

Mix lemon juice and a little salt in warm water and rinse after two hours to cure sore throat.

Bad breath

Rinse by squeezing lemon in one or half cup of water. Turn the water over in the mouth. As well as removing bad breath, it also benefits the teeth as well as the gums.

Joint pain

Massaging lemon juice on the affected limb as well as drinking water mixed with lemon is beneficial.

Baldness and hair loss

Lemon is a very beneficial fruit for hair health. This eliminates the problem of baldness. Mix lemon juice in ripe banana and apply it regularly to get rid of hair loss problem. Mixing lemon juice with amla powder and applying it on the hair grows hair, eliminates dandruff and also kills hair lice.

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