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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Jameela Jamil receives threats of rape in support of peasant movement, reveals on Instagram

British actress, model, radio jockey, writer, activist and advocate Jamila Jamil 
shared her grief on her 
Instagram account on Friday The actress wrote a long list in the name of her 3 million followers. In it he has said that whenever he speaks anything in support of the peasant movement he is facing heavy opposition. Not only that, they are receiving death and rape threats.

Jamila raised her voice for the rights of farmers

Jamila Jamil assured that she is fighting for the rights of farmers. He also said that he is with the farmers in a united manner. "People put as much pressure on men as they do on women," he wrote. He further said that men are less pressured to raise any such issue than women.

Jamila is taking the side of the farmers

"I have repeatedly spoken in favor of the agitating farmers in India over the last few months and I am also talking about what is happening there," Jamila wrote in her message. Whenever I raise this issue I get death and rape threats.

Jamila said- I am also a human being

Jamila Jamil further wrote, ‘When you are forcing me to send a message, one thing to keep in mind is that I am also a man and I also have a limit to punish. I am with the farmers and people of India who are fighting for their rights.

Jamila made this appeal

Jamila Jamil also said with this, as far as I have seen, in the eyes of the people there are less attacks on men than on women. In conclusion, I want to say this to everyone who reads this, I have said this many times before, please read about what is happening. Jamila Jamil was relocated from the US in 2016. She is best known for her role in the comedy series The Good Place. In this series, he played the role of Tahani Al-Jamil. At the same time, she has hosted the game 'The Egyptian'. Along with this, she has been the judge of a reality show, Jamila Jamil is known for many such characters. Currently, she is supporting the peasant movement these days.

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