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Monday, February 8, 2021

In the latest survey, BJP winning in Bengal, but to change this in reality, BJP will have to declare the face of CM

Putt's feet are seen in the cradle, this saying fits perfectly on the situation of the Bharatiya Janata Party before the assembly elections in West Bengal. 
Elections are to be held in the state between April and May this year. In such a situation, the survey done by Times Now and C-Voter has revealed that for the first time, BJP's popularity has exceeded Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's party TMC. About 41 percent of the people are openly supporting the BJP, but the only problem is that the BJP does not have any CM post face, due to which it is necessary that the BJP should also present a worthy face of his Chief Minister's post in the state .

Since 2014, BJP has been trying to increase its base in West Bengal. In this episode, the BJP lost in the 2016 assembly elections but there was a huge increase in its vote percentage. The increased vote percentage encouraged the BJP and the great result of its hard work came out in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, when the BJP won 18 of the 42 seats. Now BJP has started working on war footing for the assembly elections. In today's latest situation, the survey shows that BJP has now become the most popular party in the state.

Survey of Times Now and C-Voter shows that BJP's popularity is now highest in Bengal. For the first time, more than 41 percent of the BJP is considered popular in Bengal. At the same time, 36.9 percent people are liking Mamata's party. The worst case is that of the Congress, the oldest party in the country, whose name is being taken by only 8 per cent and in Bengal, which was considered to be the stronghold of the Left a decade ago, the Left's popularity is now only 4 per cent. This entire survey is claiming that this time the saffron of BJP will be waving in the state, but there is a dilemma about the face of the Chief Minister's post.

The same number of people are liking Mamata as the face of the Chief Minister's post. This figure may bring fear to the supporters of BJP, but it is not because no CM candidate has been declared from BJP. Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh's popularity as CM is second in the list with 22 per cent support in this matter. This whole situation suggests that now the BJP will have to declare its CM candidate in the state, as Mamata Banerjee's perceived popularity in the Vijay Rath of Bijpi may put a brake. Only now is the right time to beat Mamta Didi, who is leading on this issue, because Mamata is most proud of her popularity.

Now is the time that the BJP should unanimously declare its CM candidate in the state so that the victory of the almost decided West Bengal victory of the BJP can be turned into a grand victory because the massive victory will help the BJP to take tough decisions in Bengal. I will be very easy.

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