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Saturday, February 6, 2021

If you are facing the wrath of Rahu then drink water in silver glass, both health and luck will shine…

If Rahu is inauspicious in your horoscope, then there is upheaval in your life. 
Rahu confuses your intellect so that you are not able to take right decisions and you have to face financial and mental troubles. Misunderstandings increase in relationships, speech is not controlled, and anger becomes part of your nature. If something similar is happening to you too, then start drinking water in a silver glass. This will reduce all problems related to Rahu and all your work will start. Also, your health will also improve…

Silver has been given the status of sacred metal in astrology. This is the factor of Moon and Venus. Being strong Moon reduces mental stress and gives the person peace. On the other hand, the strength of Venus brings wealth, splendor and prosperity. According to astrological measures, if a person drinks water in a silver glass every day, then there is a lot of benefit. If one basil leaf is swallowed regularly with water, then it benefits more quickly.

These benefits to health

1- Silver vessel is considered bacteria free. Drinking water and eating food in a silver vessel prevents infection. Only then people used to eat in silver utensils.

2- When you eat and drink in a vessel, the metal content also goes inside us. Silver elements work to strengthen our immune system.

3- Metabolism is corrected if water is drunk in a silver vessel on an empty stomach every morning. Digestive system is strong and body fat is reduced.

4 - Drinking water in a silver glass helps to cure cold and cold. Also, it is very effective in removing bile defects.

5- Drinking water daily in a silver vessel keeps the mind calm, which reduces stress levels and improves memory. It also provides relief from eye problems.

6- Silver vessel is non toxic. In earlier times there were no water filters to clean the water, then people used silver utensils to clean and purify the water.

7- Drinking water in silver vessel is beneficial for internal cleansing of the body. It keeps the liver and kidney healthy.

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