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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

IAS Interview Questions: Why YouTube is already found in every Android phone

IAS Interview Questions:
 Friends, the most difficult exam in the country is a different madness among the students regarding the UPSC exam. Every year, millions of children dream of becoming IAS officers by passing the Civil Service Examination. To become an IAS-IPS officer, it is also very important to clear the interview with everyone.

Passing UPSC is nothing short of austerity. In such a situation, even in its interviews fail well. In interviews, puzzles are also tailed at various times. However, most of the questions are related to the topics, area and current affairs of the candidates. So, we are telling you some tricky questions and their answers. Sit at home, you can prepare from them.

Question :-

1) What is it that does not burn in fire and does not drown in water?

2) Multiplying all digits on the telephone's dialing pad, what will be the number obtained?

3) Rajesh tells the woman sitting next to him that she is the daughter of the mother of my wife's husband. So how is the woman related to Rajesh?

4) Name the animal that can jump up to 30 feet?

5) A truck driver was going on the wrong side but the police did not stop it?

6) What is the form of a woman that everyone sees but her husband can never see?

7) z has eight boys and they have one sister each, so how many children does z have?

8) What if you are on the roof of the house and remove any ladder from the bottom?

9) 40 birds in
1 Rs. 3 Pigeon of
Rs 5
Tell 1 cock of Rs 100 How will I get 100 pairs?

10) Why Toutube is already found in every Android phone.


1) Ice

2) zero

3) sister

4) Kangaroo.

5) Because the truck driver was walking.

6) Form of widow

7) Z has a total of 9 children.

8) A case will be registered under the Rongful Consignment.

9) Rs. 2 80 birds, Rs 3 1 pigeon and Rs. 95 I will buy 19 chickens in 2 + 3 + 95 = 100 hundred birds.

10) Google's services are provided in Android phones and YouTube is also an application of Google itself.

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