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Monday, February 15, 2021

Good news! Are you also using YouTube on iPhone? The company launched a new feature

Google has 
fixed a bug in its iOS 
YouTube app. It is the first time since December that the company has given such a big update. However, there is speculation that Google is not updating iOS users. Because the company was caught in the middle of Apple's new privacy rule. However, Google has denied all this.

Private information already attached

Most of Google's apps have not been updated since the requirement was implemented, although Google said in early January that it would add privacy data to its apps in the next week or so. Google actually added private information for the YouTube app before today's update. As such, Apple Terminal said in its report earlier this month.

Users are going to meet PIP mode

If you use an iPhone, you can now play it anywhere on your YouTube screen and after closing the app your video will start playing in any one corner of the screen instead of being turned off. Users did not have this feature before, but now this feature will be added in the new update.

Google has not yet provided privacy information on the App Store

Many other major apps like Google, Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Meet are still not updated and do not display private information on the App Store listings. Earlier this week, Gmail also started displaying an 'out of date' warning when trying to add a new account to the iOS app. However, no new version of the app is available and there has been no update to the Gmail iOS app since December 1st.

Apple announced during its World Wide Developers Conference that it would bring privacy nutrition levels to the App Store. In fact, as many apps as there are in the Apple App Store will be given a label because of privacy.

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