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Monday, February 15, 2021

Golden opportunity to buy a house here for less than 100 rupees

This is the best 
opportunity for you if you want to buy a house in 
Italy . Finding a home here at such a low price that you can't even think. However the house is very old and may need repairs. The houses are being sold in Bikari, southeast of Puglia. Mayor Gianfilippo Mignogna has set up a special mission to sell the house for a pittance, and the mission is to revive the city, which has been devastated by the exodus.

Job left the city

The price of vacant houses in Bikari is so high but the houses are getting very old so they are being sold for only 1 Euro (about 88 rupees). People on the largest scale here have shifted to other places due to jobs or other reasons. America in particular is his first choice. That's why the city is becoming desolate, so the mayor plans to sell in this special offer.

Only 2000 people survived here

The mayor said that at one time more than 5,000 people lived here, but now barely 2,000 have survived. People have shifted out of jobs or other reasons. Earlier they used to come here on holiday, but now they have completely eliminated themselves from boredom. Many homes have been evacuated. A picture of the property and M will be posted on the town hall website soon, but anyone interested can contact Amy at her email (

Guarantee must be submitted

The mayor said two schemes have been prepared. In the first scheme the house cost 1 euro and in the second even less. People who want to buy a house with one euro must first deposit 3,000 euros as a guarantee, if the house will be refunded after repairs etc. Let us say that Bikari is located in a very beautiful and important place. So that seems to be the boundary between Puglia, Moles and Compania. From here you get close to the beautiful views of the river and the mountains.

Houses are small

The homes that are being sold are very small. The mayor hopes to find good buyers for these two-story buildings, which are about 50-70 square meters. According to the mayor, many homes are in good condition and may not even need repairs. However, he says the new owner can change the building at his own pace. The mayor said people who do not want to sell their old house can also rent it out.

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