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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Don't mistakenly believe these things related to birth control pills, know what the expert says

There is 
a lack of sex 
education in the country due to which there is a lack of awareness about reproductive health . At the same time, many misconceptions have been created. Because of these misconceptions, women have all sorts of misgivings about taking birth control pills. Dr Neha Batra, a consultant gynecologist at Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, says misconceptions about contraception prevent men and women from using contraceptives. This causes physical and mental harm to unwanted fetuses and women.

Not using birth control pills?

The biggest advantage of these pills is that they are effective and beneficial when used well. Have to take one pill daily. This does not happen if you miss a pill meal. According to health experts, women should exercise caution when taking birth control pills.

Illusions associated with birth control pills

Pills cause weight gain: In earlier times eating these pills caused weight gain. But now eating pills made with the new formula does not increase weight, but it has many benefits. These pills help patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) to lose weight.

Causes acne and abnormal hair growth: Newer types of pills are made with different amounts of progesterone that lower the amount of testosterone in the body. Also helps reduce acne in POC patients.

One or two pills should be missed during the cycle: Failure to take the pills during the cycle can lead to pregnancy. It is also caused by mid cycle bleeding. Consult a doctor if you miss one or two pills.

Affects Fertility: There is no evidence that these pills affect fertility in any way. This only works to prevent ovulation and pregnancy.

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