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Friday, February 5, 2021

Do You Know: Why Ultrasound is done on every quarter of pregnancy!

In pregnancy, ultrasound scan is a common procedure by which the development of an unborn child can be accurately assessed. 
There is no pain in doing ultrasound, nor does this procedure affect the mother or child.

Scanning done in the first trimester determines whether the baby is in the right place in the uterus. During this, the heartbeat of the child is checked. From the sixth week onwards, the baby's heart starts beating. With this, the experts estimate the likely date of your delivery. If the Mahavariya is not done regularly, it becomes difficult to find the approximate date of delivery. In such a situation, EDD can be detected through ultrasound. If any type of bleeding occurs, the cause can be ascertained by scanning. Ultrasound of the first trimester suggests that there is a baby or more in the womb.

Growth test of child in second trimester

A second ultrasound is done between the 18th week to the 22nd week. During this, it is checked whether the child is developing properly or not. In this, the gender of the child is also known, but due to this ban in India, experts no longer share this information. 2D ultrasounds are usually performed during the second trimester. Doctors recommend a 3D or 4D ultrasound to be closely examined under special circumstances.

In the third trimester, the structure of the baby is considered

At the same time, during the third trimester, ultrasound of the stomach and vagina is done in which it is checked that there is any discrepancy in the structure of the baby. Also, the development of the baby is considered. If the pregnancy is at high risk or during pregnancy, there are spots or if there is more than one baby in the womb, then the specialist can call for an ultrasound soon.

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