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Monday, February 15, 2021

Crime: student injected children to increase memory, police arrested

A shocking case has been revealed in the country's capital Delhi. 
In this case, a child did wrong by being better than his own people. In the incident, some students are being given Injection for Strong Memory Power to speed up the memory. As soon as this case is exposed, there is a ruckus in the whole area.

Accused arrested after revelations

Let us tell you that the Delhi Police arrested the accused while giving injection for strong memory power to some children last Sunday and then filed a case on him. In this case, the police officials said that to increase the memory of the accused children, they teach them free tuition and give injections. Information received from the police revealed that the name of this accused is Sandeep, who is a second year BA student in Delhi University. Let us tell you that Sandeep is a resident of Mandavali area of ​​East Delhi.

When the police inquired where the brain was found , the accused Sandeep told the Delhi Police that he had seen on YouTube that injecting saline leads to increase in the memory of children day by day. After this, he started injecting children with saline.

In the safe

information about the children who have taken injections , the police officer said that the children who used to give injections of saline to the accused, are now fine. However, accused Sandeep is still being questioned. The police has not arrested Sandeep yet. On this matter, Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Deepak Yadav said that an FIR has been lodged against the accused and the police has started further investigation.

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