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Monday, February 15, 2021

Breaking: Akshay kumar kesari co-actor Sandeep Nahar dies, murder or suicide Police Investigation ongoing

Fans have broken their heart due to bad news coming out one after another from Bollywood. 
Now another actor has said goodbye to this world. ALTBalaji has to say, Sandeep Nahar, who has appeared in films like MS Dhoni, Kesari, has committed suicide. The actor has written himself to death by writing a very sad post on his Facebook page. The fans are heartbroken by the news of the actor's demise. Police has started investigating the actor's death.

Actor's emotional post before his death

The actor has posted a suicide note on Facebook. Along with the actor video, the words of the heart have also been written in the post. The actor wrote before his death that he is no longer desirous of living. I have seen many happiness and sorrows in my life, but I have also faced every problem, but the trauma that I am going through today, I know that it is fun to do suicide, I had to live but also what is the benefit of living in such a relaxed and Do not self-respect. My wife Kanchan Sharma and her mother Vunu Sharma who did not understand or tried to understand. My wife is of hyper nature and her personality and mine are different, which does not match at all.

Everyday morning evening discord, I no longer have the power to hear this. There is no mistake of Kanchan in this, his nature is such that he feels all normal, but to me it is not normal. I have been in Mumbai for many years, I have seen a very bad time but never broken. I was a gym coach of dubbing, 6 people used to live in a kitchen of a room, but they were relaxed. Today I have gained a lot. But after marriage today is not relaxed. Life has changed completely since 2 years. I can never share these things with anyone. The world feels how well they are doing. Why all of them see our social post or story. Which is all a lie. I want to show the world a good image. But the truth is completely different.

The actor wrote that we are not made at all, Kanchan has spoken about suicide more than 100 times in 2 years, said that she will trap you. Look, today it has come that I have to take this step. There is a fight about past, she does not respect me. She abuses me and calls my family bad. Which is now out of tolerance for me. There is no fault of it. Because it is sick of the brain, I want it to be told nothing after I leave, because it will never realize its mistake.

Allegations on wife

Just get it treated, so that after my departure, whoever goes to life will give happiness, do not give any problem to my family after I go away. I want to thank my parents because they gave me everything I wanted. Fulfilled my dream of becoming an actor. Everything I am today is because of them. I know that all of you must be saying, so why didn't I win for them, I would have won if I were single. I know you need bravery to live but right now I just apologize to my parents. For every moment when I hurt his heart.

Said on Bollywood's heart

I came here to make him feel proud and wanted to do something for him by becoming something. But my one mistake marriage changed my life. There is no longer any desire to live. Every stress can be faced with the work of money, but this woman's collection is not tolerated and Mumbai gave me a lot of work, I want to thank this Maya city too. But this Bollywood is also very political in Bollywood, you just eat your time by giving expectations and later remove it from the project. After all that too, people here are very practical, no emotion just live in a false life of pretense. It was a good time when people used to have raw houses and loved them. Everyone used to feel their own, nowadays they all used to be defeated. Living alone in a crowd is also an art…

Police proceedings will be monitored

The actor repeatedly said in his post that nothing should be said to my wife, she is just sick and has said many things about her wife. Overall, it is clear from the actor's post that he was very upset with the family's collection. The actor was mentally disturbed due to his wife and due to which he has taken this big step. Now it has to be seen that after Sandeep's death, the police ask questions like that to his wife.

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