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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Birthday Special: Know, why AR Rahman became a Muslim from Hindu?

Today is the birthday of the legendary Bollywood music composer AR Rahman. 
Along with Bollywood, AR Rahman is famous all over the world. His voice and his composed songs get into the soul of the world.

Very few people know that AR Rahman's real name is Dilip Shekhar. Dileep was born on 6 January 1967. Dileep's father died after a long illness. The family was very upset. The circumstances of the family too were nothing special. Dileep's sister became ill. After which his entire family went to a Muslim Pir. That Pir did such a miracle on his family that the condition of the family started improving. When her sister's health improved, her mother became very happy.

After this incident, Dilip's mother thought that Islam supported her in her difficult times. After which his entire family accepted Islam. After changing religion, in the 80s, the whole family of Dileep went to an astrologer where his mother made many questions about the marriage of his daughter by an astrologer. But the astrologer showed more interest in his son than the girl and Dileep wanted to change his name during that time. The astrologer was asked for his name. Where the astrologer told him two names. The first was 'Abdul Rahim' and the second was 'Abdul Rahman' but then the astrologer asked to add Rahman to his name. After which Abdul Rahman was decided. But Dileep thought of changing his name to Alla and his name was "Alla Rahim Rahman" in the book Rahman in Nasreen Munni Kabir's book 'AR Rahman de Spirit of Music', says a Hindu astrologer named me Muslim.

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