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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Be careful before kissing in the mouth, these serious illness can happen

The month of February is by no means a festival for lovers. 
Because Valentine's Day is celebrated in February. On this day people express their love. The fuss of this Valentine’s Week lasts all week. February 13 is Kiss Day. On this day, lovers kiss each other. Everyone has a different estimate of what to kiss. Someone has a hobby of lip kissing someone.

Kissing causes these diseases

If you are also thinking of kissing your partner, be careful. Because kissing can make you sick. Learn how kissing spreads diseases.

Avoid kissing an influenza infected person

Kissing a person infected with influenza can cause muscle aches, headaches, fever and sore throat. These diseases are spread by germs and saliva, so kissing can spread the disease.

Moni falls around the trail

Kissing can spread the herpes infection. This is a type of viral infection. This transition leaves dark marks around Moni.

Wounds become ulcers

Syphilis is a disease that is spread by kissing. This causes small ulcers in the wax. This infection can be cured by taking antibiotics.

Dock burns and fever

Kissing spreads the meningitis bacteria. This can be followed by sore throat and fever and headache.

Gum and toothache problems can also occur

Many people may have swollen gums or a variety of tooth problems. Kissing can cause you this problem too. Kissing spreads bacteria in the mouth. Which can also cause problems in your partner's gums and teeth.

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