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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Are you also bothered by the problem of spreading mascara while applying makeup? So try this remedy

Many girls are 
very fond of 
applying mascara. The mascara makes the eyes look big and beautiful, but if the mascara spreads, it can also make the facial makeup look bad. There are all sorts of mascara on the market that are claimed not to spread, but many do not last long. If your mascara also spreads and spoils your makeup, here are some special tips. Try it and your mascara will not spread for many hours.

Adopt this simple remedy

  • One thing to keep in mind is that whenever you apply mascara. It is necessary to clean the skin under the eyes first. So that the sweat and extra oil present there can be wiped off. Apart from that, clean the skin with toner to keep the eyes clean and dry.
  • Then first apply regular or compact powder on the area around the eyes and eyelids. Also apply a little powder on the eyes using a brush. If there is even a little oil left on the skin, the powder will dry it. After applying the powder, apply mascara in the eyes.
  • It often seems to spread despite the usual mascara powder. This type of problem is especially prevalent in the summer. Use waterproof mascara to avoid this. This will last longer. Also apply a thin layer on the edge of the eye and a large layer in between when applying mascara.
  • If you wish, apply eye liner under the eyes before applying mascara. Applying mascara again reduces the chances of spreading mascara. At the same time big mascara highlights your eyes.
  • If you have a problem with dark circles and spreading mascara can make the eyes look darker. So you apply a big mascara at bedtime. In the morning when this spreads you clean it up. This will keep the mascara in your eyes and will not spread. With your eyes will look kajarari.
  • Excessive girls make a common mistake when applying mascara. It applies mascara to the outside of the inner corner. When it should be applied from the outside to the inner corner. This reduces the chances of spreading mascara. If there is frequent watering of the eyes, avoid this mascara, or again apply light mascara on both sides and deep mascara in the center.

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