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Monday, February 8, 2021

80 crore poor people are getting cheap ration, this campaign will continue - PM Modi said in Rajya Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an address in Rajya Sabha today in the midst of Farmer Protest. 
During the discussion on the vote of thanks on the President's address, PM Modi spoke on many issues including the farmer movement, agricultural legislation and the corona epidemic.

In his address to the Rajya Sabha, PM Modi said, '80 crores get cheaper ration. It will continue '. In fact, during the Corona epidemic, it was announced to give cheap ration to 80 crore poor people to make life easier. Now about this, PM Modi has said in the Rajya Sabha that this facility given to the poor will continue even further.

'My government is the government of the poor'

PM Modi said, 'After becoming PM, for the first time he gave a speech in Parliament, he said that my government is a government of the poor. Even today I stand on this. We have to work continuously for the poor '. Regarding the farmers who have been agitating for more than two months on the Delhi borders, the Prime Minister said, 'MSP was, MSP is, MSP will be. 80 crores get cheaper ration. That too will continue. If there is a delay in reforms, the farmers will go towards darkness.

'Sharad Pawar and Congress have also advocated agricultural reforms'

PM Modi said, 'There are about 12 crore small farmers in the country, in this way 86 percent of the total farmers in the country are small farmers, they neither get the benefit of crop insurance nor could they get loans from banks. Everyone is familiar with the problems of small farmers. Sharad Pawar, Congress leaders have also advocated for agricultural reforms. Everyone knows that it should be. Pawar just said that he is in support of the reforms. Yes, they may object to the method.

'We should not forget what happened to Punjab'

The PM said, 'India has found a solution to every problem so far. Some people are trying to destabilize the country. We should not forget what happened to Punjab. Partition, Punjab paid the most in 1984. Some people are trying to mislead Sikh brothers. What happens in Jammu and Kashmir, North East hurts India in one way or the other.

'MSP was, MSP is, MSP will be'

The PM said, 'India is very proud of the contribution of Sikhs. It is a community that has done a lot for the nation. The words and blessings of Guru Sahib are priceless. He said, 'MSP was, MSP is and MSP will continue in future also. Affordable ration will continue for the poor. Mandis will be modernized '.

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