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Friday, January 15, 2021

Winter Food: These 8 things have a hot effect, should be consumed every day in winter

 chances of getting flu, infections, coughs and colds in winter increase in many ways. In such a situation, keeping your body warm is no less of a challenge. The cold has increased a lot due to the temperature dropping to 10 degrees Celsius. Let us tell you about the things that keep your body warm all day by eating .


Rich in medicinal properties, ginger contains many antioxidants that benefit the body. Ginger tea is considered an amulet cure for fever, acidity, cold and poor digestion.


Vitamin C-rich amla is considered good for the liver, digestion, skin and hair. Amla is also effective in keeping the body warm in winter by controlling acidity, blood sugar and cholesterol.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which causes a lot of damage to our skin due to winter sun. Which is compensated by oranges. Also effective in controlling the calories burned.


Honey is very beneficial for relieving cough and cold in winter. It keeps your body warm and helps build a better immune system.


In winter the blood flow in the body becomes very slow. You need to consume garlic to balance it.


Basil, rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc and Iron, protects you against viral infections in winter. Drinking basil tea in the morning or evening protects against winter diseases.

Black pepper

Warm-faced calamari is used in every home. Its use in eating enhances the taste. And at the same time keeps the body warm.


Almonds, which contain vitamins and antioxidants, are an excellent food for colds. Consuming it with milk or honey in winter protects you from the growing cold. It is also used in many homes to make chickpeas or ladu.


Ghee does not appear in the diet of the present generation. Perhaps today's generation does not know about its benefits. Ghee will give your body a lot of benefits in winter if you workout regularly.


Eggs are not called the king of proteins. As well as energy, the powerhouse is rich in protein and vitamins. Which keeps your body temperature balanced in winter.

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