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Friday, January 22, 2021

Why should parents have separate health insurance? Know here

If your parents are over 60, you should get a separate health insurance for your parents as soon as possible. 
If you cover all the people in Group 
Insurance , it may be that the first time a person falls ill , the amount of insurance is not enough to make another claim in his policy year .

A portion of the hospital bill has to be paid

Keep in mind that the maximum health insurance policy for senior citizens comes with some limitations like mandatory co-pay. Notably, in compulsory co-pay, the insurer has to pay a portion of the hospital bill. Apart from this the waiting time for senior citizens is longer than normal people.

Get insurance as soon as possible

Parents should take out a separate health insurance policy as soon as possible. If you take out a personal health cover for parents 60 years ago, there will be no burden of co-payment clauses for life. The waiting period will also be for a fixed period.


The co-payment feature should be thoroughly examined. Co-payment means that you will pay a portion of the claim. When a company. Because your share in the payment is pre-determined. Taking this option reduces the premium. Not all general plans have a co-payment feature, but a Senior Citizen Health Insurance plan may have this feature.

Pay attention to these things

  • If your parents already have some illnesses, it would be wise to buy a separate insurance policy for them.
  • Keep in mind that all health insurance plans cover existing illnesses, but they are covered after 36 months.
  • Claiming settlement is not a problem at the time of purchase of the policy.
  • The amount of cover should also be adequate considering their health needs.
  • Take a plan for parents with maximum coverage against serious illnesses and pre-existing illnesses.
  • Choose a policy that has a minimum voting period.

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