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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Vastu Tips: Broken slippers and including these things should not kept in the house, these things cause financial loss…

It is believed that if there is a Vastu Dosh in the house, then a person or his family has to go through all the financial, physical and mental troubles. 
The rules of Vastu are based on the rays of the sun, which work to balance the fire, water and air. If Vastu rules are followed then many avenues of happiness prosperity and Barkat are opened in the house. If you also want the arrival of happiness in your family, then keep in mind these things related to Vastu.

Broken slippers are a sign of poverty

A broken sandal is considered a sign of impoverishment. It also hinders the arrival of money in the house. The head of the family should never wear a broken sandal. If you have a broken sandal in your house, then remove it immediately.

Junk roof

Some people keep all the junk of the house on the roof thinking that the people coming there will not have a direct eye. But according to Vastu, the dirt lying on the roof of the house promotes the financial crisis, as well as does not let the barkat in the family. So take special care of cleaning the roof. It is also believed that keeping junk on the roof leads to Pitradosh.

Fragmented idols of Gods and Goddesses

Torn pictures or fragmented idols of Gods and Goddesses should also not be kept in the house. This causes economic loss. They should be carried in a holy river. Apart from this, some people put all the pictures of Gods and Goddesses in the house. A house should not have more than two pictures of any one deity.

Pieces of soap

You must have seen in many homes that people keep the remaining pieces of soap after rubbing it. This should not be done. It is believed that worn out pieces of soap can become a reason for negativity in the house, so they should be removed.

Pot food

Despite chopping the dishes in some houses, people keep using them. They also eat food. In Vastu, eating food is prohibited in chopped pots. If you have such a vessel in your house, immediately remove it from the house. Apart from this, broken electronic items, broken glass, etc. should also not be kept in the house.

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