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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

These architectural measures can make the poor even richer, the vault never empties

Everyone wishes that mother Lakshmi always be kind to her. 
Therefore, in Vastu Shastras, there are many such measures which you can become rich by adopting. If you also want to get rich quickly, then with hard work, you should also do some Vastu tips. With this, you can fulfill your desire to become rich soon. But it also happens that some people also work very hard but still do not become rich. But you can try Vastu remedies.

Some people do not have proper Vastu in their house, so money either does not come in the house or the money does not stay in the house. If this is happening to you too, that even after working hard, there is no time for money in the house, then you must fix the Vastu of your house. By taking some Vastu measures, you can correct the Vastu of your home and become rich soon.

  • For lack of money in the vault, keep Lakshmi or Kubera Yantra in the vault.
  • Do not keep jewelry and household papers together in the vault, but separately.
    Never store money in the house of worship.
  • Get the room painted with cream color in the room where the vault is. This does not bring negative energy into the room.
  • In the house, mother Lakshmi should be sitting in a sitting posture and with her two elephants raised trunks upwards, put a similar picture.
  • The vault should not have a bad eye, so keep the vault in a place where no one can easily see it.
  • To maintain positivity in the vault, put a picture of Maa Lakshmi. There will never be a shortage of money in your house.

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