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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Vastu Shastra Tips: If you do these three mistakes then money will never last

Every person wants his life to be lived happily. 
There is no shortage of money in the house. A lot of money has come and he has also worked hard, but sometimes it happens that the person does a lot of hard work but the circumstances do not support him and he gets very upset for the money. Even after all efforts, the economic problems of the person are not solved. There is always a cash crunch in the house. The conditions remain such that money comes down and expenditure increases. Sometimes the reason for this is Vastudosh, which we do not pay attention to. When economic problems are not solved even after hard work, one should also pay attention to Vastu Dosha. There are some remedies of Vastu which can be relieved by money related problems.

  • According to Vastu Shastra, money should always be kept in the right direction. If your vault or cupboard is placed in the wrong direction, the money will never last. In such a situation, the direction of the wardrobe or vault wherever you keep the money should be correct. The wardrobe of the money should be kept in such a way that its face should open towards the north. The northern direction is also considered to be the direction of Lord Kubera and this direction is also considered auspicious for wealth accumulation in Vastu Shastra.
  • Dripping of water in the house is also considered inauspicious for wealth. It is said that in a house where water is always dripping from the tap, the money does not stay there. It is believed that as the water is flowing, the money of the house goes on flowing with the water, so the tap should always be kept closed. If there is any defect in the tap which is causing the water to drip, then it should be made immediately.
  • People who keep broken glass or junk in the house also do not have money. Junk and broken glass increases negativity, due to which there are many problems with money, so one should not keep anything broken in the house. Also, garbage should never be collected on the roof of the house, due to this the Vastu defects remain in the house and all the financial problems arise.

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