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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Vastu Tips: Don't to do such things forgotten at home, negative energy starts spreading

Vastu plays an important role in maintaining peace and tranquility in the home. 
Many people ignore Vastu. If things of the house are not kept according to Vastu Shastra, then a dispute can arise between the family and the family members. Due to Vastu Dosh, the members living in the house have to face problems in physical, financial, mental and family life. There are some things which should not be kept in the house even by mistake and we will tell you about similar things. Whose keeping can cause a rift in relationships.

Do not keep these things in the house even after mistake

  • Never keep broken or broken things in the house. The texture of many things is only pointed. But such things are not considered right according to Vastu. Keeping them can cause a rift in the relationships of family members. Such things generate negative energy in the house.
  • Do not collect garbage in north and east direction. Or do not place any heavy machine in the north and east direction of the house. Doing this causes vastu defects in the house. Which hinders well-being.
  • If there are thorny plants or milk plants in front of the house, remove them immediately. This creates a situation of differences between family members.
  • Vastu should also be kept in mind while buying paintings for the home. Horse paintings, dry wastelands, barren mountains, ruins or similar paintings spread negative energy in the house. So do not buy such petting even by mistake.
  • Everyone is fond of flowers. But keeping plastic flowers in the house is disturbing the mind. So, if possible, decorate the house with real flowers.
  • Placing dustbins in front of the house or at the main gate spreads negative energy and engulfs the Kangali.
  • Do not decorate the house with animal skins, masks or photos even by mistake. Do not even apply such pictures in the house.

Remedy to remove Vastu defects

  • To remove Vastu Dosha from home, make a recitation of Akhand Ramayana for nine days and place a Kalash on the north-east corner. If the urn is of clay, it is better.
  • Hall of the house or any place where you sit. Put a picture of the mountain on the back side there. Doing so increases confidence.

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