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Sunday, January 31, 2021

this man is going to get married with sex doll, you will be shocked to know the reason

In today's modernism, the loneliness of the people has reached its peak. 
People have become so engrossed in their work that they have no time for anyone. In such a situation, people try different methods to eradicate their loneliness, but nowadays people have adopted a different method to eradicate their loneliness and that is 'sex doll'. Yes, you read it all right .. Now that there is no time left for anyone, then they are making sex doll their partner, to eradicate their loneliness, and now the situation has reached here. That people are now making sex till marriage with dolls. You may find it strange to read, but it is a fact of the modern era. 

Meanwhile, there is news that a 36-year-old man in Hong Kong is going to marry his sex doll. According to media reports, this man came into contact with the sex doll at the age of just 24. Since then, he is in a relationship with this sex doll, and is now going to marry her. Discussion of its marriage to Sex Doll is at its peak. The name of this person is Shai Tianrong. This man has given very expensive-expensive gifts to his fiancée (sex doll). Even by giving expensive gifts like iPhone Six, this person has been discussed.

The 36-year-old has given her fiance 20 pairs of clothes and uncountable shoes. Shai believes that he used this sex doll to erase his loneliness. He says that it is more fun than a girl when you go on a date with a sex doll. Not only this, Shai says that it is much more fun to spend time with a sex doll than to spend time with a girl.

Shai explains that he does not find humans as attractive as sex dolls. Even more surprising is that he has not even kissed his sex doll yet. Shai is just waiting for the moment when she will get tied up with her sex doll. However, this marriage, which is going to be with Sex Doll, is still very much discussed. People are very surprised that Shai, who has been in a relationship with sex dolls for so long, is now going to marry her. Significantly, at present, people are using sex dolls extensively to eradicate their loneliness. 

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