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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

This leader called Modi a weak Prime Minister

Owaisi , an MP from Hyderabad and chairman of AIMIM, called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a "weak prime minister" and said Modi was afraid to name China. In Arunachal Pradesh, almost every opposition party attacked the central government after news broke that China had built a village and built 100 houses. Now AIMIM chairman Asaduddin Owaisi has stepped in and called the prime minister a weak prime minister.

Why is Modi afraid to name China? Owesi's question

"We came to know through satellite image that China has done permanent construction in Arunachal Pradesh," Owaisi said. Why doesn't Modi challenge the name of China. Is Modi afraid of China? The BJP's own MP has publicly said that China has been building in Arunachal Pradesh for a long time. The PM's party MP himself says that if China has illegally occupied the land of Arunachal Pradesh, then why is Modi afraid to name China.

Owaisi also took Rahul Gandhi by the hand

On Tuesday, before Owaisi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted the Prime Minister and asked him, "What will happen if you say I will not let the country bow down?" Randeep Surjewala of the Congress also asked where Modiji went to your fifty-six chest. Answer. China has invaded our home. Congress leader and former finance minister P Chidambaram also slammed the prime minister and the central government.

His courage was heightened after Owaisi won five seats in the Bihar Assembly. Now Owaisi was also proposing to set foot in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Thus, Owaisi has been constantly criticizing the Modi government. But after the question of Chinese infiltration in Arunachal Pradesh, Owaisi was in an aggressive mood and criticized the Prime Minister.

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