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Friday, January 29, 2021

These people should fast on Friday, know its reason and remedy

Friday's planet is Venus. 
Friday's nature is soft. This day is also for Goddess Lakshmi and also of Mother Kali. This day also belongs to the monster Guru Shukracharya. On this day, there is a law to worship Goddess Lakshmi and Mother Kali. If the position of Venus in your horoscope is something like this, as we are telling you here, then you must definitely fast on Friday.

Let us know which people should fast on Friday?

1. Venus and Libra are the two zodiac signs of the planet Venus. If your zodiac is one of these two, then you should definitely fast on Friday.

2. Venus's enemy planets along with Venus in the horoscope are Sun and Moon, even then you should observe fast on Friday.

3. If Venus is in 6th house in Virgo or in 8th house or house, then you should observe fast on Friday.

4. Even if there is a combination of Mars and Venus, you should observe fast on Friday along with the remedy of Venus and Mars.

5. Venus is believed to be associated with cheeks, chin, thumb, kidney, sexual organs, nerves and veins in the body. If there is any problem in these places, then keep fast on Friday.

6. If the married life is full of difficulties, then Friday fast should be observed.

7. If there is lack of money and resources, then Friday fast should be observed.

8. Rahu with Venus in the horoscope means that the effect of the woman and wealth will end. In such a situation, keep the fast for Friday.

9. Venus also has a bad effect if Saturn is in low position. In this condition, keep the fast of Friday.

10. If poverty is not leaving the chase, then keep the fast duly on Friday with the remedy.

Friday measures

Worship Goddess Lakshmi in the event of Venus being defective or defective in the horoscope. Have a fast on Friday. Do not consume sourness. Respect the woman, keep the wife happy. Do not have relation with a foreign woman. Leave home discord and stay in love with family members. Keep the house as per Vastu. Donate white clothes. Give some portion of food to cows, crows and dogs. Take two pearls and drain them in water and keep one with you for life.

Keep yourself and the house clean and always have clean clothes. Take a regular shower. Use scented perfumes or cents. On Friday, offer lotus flowers in Mata Lakshmi temple or go to Mata Kali's temple and offer Kali Chunari to them. All kinds of crises are eliminated by this. Fix the southeast direction of the house. Make the bedroom and kitchen of the house also right. Keep the character perfect. Pay special attention to cleanliness.

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