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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

These are the 5 most dangerous trees in the world, whose poison can cause instant death

There are many types of plants on earth. 
tree- plant has an important place in the boon for nature The tree-0 plant plays an important role in the human life cycle. This is because plants not only meet the nutritional needs, but are also necessary to maintain balance in the world, but did you know that there are some dangerous and poisonous trees in the world that can kill anyone? .

Gimpy Stinger

Gimpy stinger trees found in Australia look very beautiful because of their thorns, but these thorns are very dangerous. 
These thorns contain toxins that can kill a person if they go inside the body.


This tree is known as 'Poshamwood'. 
The most dangerous of these is that the fruit on it explodes like a bomb after ripening, then its B spreads in the air at a speed of 257 kilometers per hour. If a man falls into his lap he could be seriously injured. These trees are found in the Amazon rainforest, including North and South America.


Named 'Manchilin', found around the Caribbean Sea in Florida, this tree has entered the Guinness World Records as the most poisonous tree in the world. 
Warning boards have also been put up on these trees. In which people are advised to stay away from these trees. Indeed, the fruit of this tree is very poisonous, and if eaten by mistake, it dies instantly.

Texas Boycott

The name of this tree is 'Texas baikata' which is found in Europe, Africa and Asia. 
Except for the seeds, every part of this tree contains a poison called 'taxin'. If this poison is given to a man, he can die in an instant.

Cerbera odolum

Cerbera odolum is also known as 'Suicide Tree'. 
A poisonous fruit grows on this tree, which is found mainly in many Asian countries, including India. Whoever eats it, his life can also go.

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