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Friday, January 1, 2021

The son is the prime minister of the most developed country in the world, but the father seeks citizenship of another country

The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has applied for French citizenship. 
The decision by PM Johnson's father after the Brexit deal was finalized is being seen as a protest against Britain's decision. On Wednesday, the British Parliament approved the Brexit trade deal with the European Union. It was later signed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth II.

Prime Minister Johnson's father said: "I will always be European

Bonis Johnson's father, Stanley, told Johnson, "This is an attempt to regain his image as a French citizen. It's not a question of being a French citizen here, I'm already French. My mother was born in France. His mother was also French whose grandfather was also French. It is a question of regaining what I was before. I am determined to always be European. You can't call me British. '

Boris Johnson's father has been in the European Parliament

Boris Johnson's father is 80 years old and has previously been a European MP. In which he endorsed Britain's stay with the European Union during the 2016 referendum. A British citizen will lose his right to live and work in the 27 countries under the European Union after Britain's economic ties with the European Union ended at 11pm international time on Thursday. But those who have the citizenship of 2 countries will lose this right.

What is Brexit

Brexit means Britain + exit. Brexit clearly means Britain's exit from the European Union. Britain announced its exit from the European Union a year ago. Britain held a referendum in 2016 to leave the European Union. In which a large number of people supported Brexit. This led to the resignation of the then David Cameron government. The Brexit trade deal was also discussed several times during the tenure of former Prime Minister Theresa May, but no final decision was made. Which was later agreed with the European Union at the end of Boris Johnson's tenure.

How the European Union happened

After the end of World War II, it was the turn of all the participating countries to suffer losses. After the war ended, France and Germany signed an agreement stating that they would not wage war against each other. Under this scheme 6 countries made a deal in the year 1950. 7 years later a deal was struck in Rome. Under which the European Economic Community (ECC) was formed. This same economic community is known today as the European Union. In early 1973, 3 new countries joined. One of which was Britain. The European Union currently has 27 members and a total population of 500 million.

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