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Friday, January 1, 2021

Has intoxication increased at the party? So try this homemade recipe to get rid of the hangover, you will the benefit

The new year has begun. 
Many countries, including India, celebrate December 31st with much fanfare to bid farewell to the past year and welcome the new year. At a New Year's party, some people consume high amounts of high 
drinks or alcohol. With Dance Masti enjoyamenta overs in common to drink. However, the party garden hangover makes people's situation worse. So here are some cool hangover tips

Drinking water is very necessary

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to dehydration. At the same time vomiting and dizziness occur due to eating less. Get up in the morning and drink plenty of water first.

Relax with fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies are also very effective in recovering quickly from a hangover. Mix banana, carrot, strawberry and a pinch of salt in cold milk to make a smoothie. Drinking it will reduce the hangover and also give you energy.

Nothing is better than lemon

Lemon, orange and grape juice are more effective in relieving hangovers. The vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants present in it cause a hangover in an hour. Drinking sour fruit juice gives energy to the body and relieves headaches.

Coconut water will be hydrated

Coconut water is very beneficial for the body. It contains minerals and electrolytes, which rehydrate the body. Really drinking alcohol increases dryness in the body. Coconut water is very beneficial.

Yogurt is very beneficial

Yogurt helps to get rid of alcoholism, but be careful not to eat salty yogurt at this time. Because, it won't lead to a hangover, but it will go up. Eat sour yogurt when you have a hangover.

All the intoxication will come from the egg

Eating eggs in a hangover is a very good remedy. It contains amino acids. Called cysteine. You will get more relief by consuming it.

Stay fit with exercise

If you have consumed too much alcohol on December 31, exercise the next morning. This will remove alcohol from the body in the form of sweat and your metabolism will return to normal soon.

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