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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The problem of impotence is increasing rapidly in men, stop eating these things today

It's a good idea to stay fit 
days . But men sweat in the gym for hours for fitness and there is competition for this. In the process of increasing body size, some people start eating things that harm their health. Today we are going to tell you about the things that can cause impotence in men.

Fake health supplement

No one could have imagined that going to the gym would lead to impotence. But in reality, impotence does not come from going to the gym but from fake supplements eaten in the cycle of increasing body size. The proportion of counterfeit supplements in the market is around 60-70%. Who do not even have legal recognition. These fake health supplements increase the levels of steroids, which can lead to serious problems, including heart attacks. There is also a risk of impotence.

Anabolic steroids make men impotent

Anabolic steroids are the most harmful for men. It has a direct effect on sex hormones and fertility. Its consumption can also make a man impotent.

Wet gainer

Wet gainer supplements also harm the body. It is high in protein. Which then results in protein fat in the body and then cholesterol starts accumulating in the body. Its intake increases the problem of stress and heart related problems. Along with this comes impotence with more intake.

Reduce protein intake, weight loss supplement is the cause of death

Protein shakes are even more harmful to the body. It also contains more protein. Protein shakes should also be reduced. Many people on the other hand use weight loss supplements to lose weight. Consumption of which reduces both fat and water. It can even cause death.

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