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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Restaurants have to tell now, they are serving to the customer Halal or Jhatka Meat

People are always tempted to eat non-veg, because halal food is acceptable in some religions and in others. 
Due to this, there is always doubt about this issue among the people about eating food in restaurants outside.

In such a situation, now the South Delhi Municipal Corporation , while giving an order , clearly said that the restaurants have to tell whether the meat they are serving to the people here is halal or jerk. This will end the confusion of people on this issue. So people are praising SMCD on this issue.

There are 4 zones under SMCD which has a large number of restaurants in about 104 wards. In such a situation, these people do not share any information related to meat to non-veg people. In such a situation, people sometimes inadvertently consume non-veg dishes which are not religious for them. The special thing is that 90 non-veg food is served in about 90 percent of the areas of SMCD. In this case, the SMCD has now made it clear that this entire rule will be changed now.

In this entire matter, a proposal has been issued by the SMCD. On the other hand, Narendra Chawla of South MCD said, "If anyone violates this proposal of the Municipal Corporation, the authorities will take action against it. Everyone has the right to know what they are eating. There are certain rules and traditions regarding food and drink in Hindu and Sikhism. "

In addition to restaurants, such activities also take place in small places, due to which the beliefs of people are inadvertently hurt, rightly. Halal meat is considered edible in Muslim religion. This is why Muslim society first raises the issue of halal in everything. Similarly, halal meat is considered taboo in Sikh and Hinduism. They do not allow them to eat their religion.

Though some people are also doing politics on this issue, but due to their beliefs, people defend both halal and jerk as far as they can but no such information is given in restaurants outside which It is frustrating for these people. In these circumstances, this decision of South Delhi Municipal Corporation is not only positive for Hindu and Sikhism, but Muslim people will also get the benefit.

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