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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Do not boil milk for long time or again and again, read what is the loss…!

Milk is very beneficial in health. 
There are many vitamins and minerals in it, which help to make the body strong by nourishing it. But we often make a mistake while boiling milk, after which we can not get full benefit from drinking milk. Actually, you must have seen women in the kitchen boiling milk in the kitchen many times. After the milk starts boiling, slow down the gas and allow the milk to boil for a long time. This is because we are told from childhood that milk should be boiled properly so that the microbes present in it are destroyed.

Apart from this, there is a reason for women to keep boiling milk for a long time, because of this there is good cream in milk, with the help of which they can easily make ghee at home. At the same time, some women feel that by boiling milk for a long time and more often, there is an increase in nutrients in it. But if you too think of something like this, boil milk daily for a long time or boil it several times a day, then you are making a mistake.

In fact, it has been revealed in all the research that by boiling milk for a long time or boiling it many times, its nutrients start getting destroyed. You do not get full benefit from drinking such milk. The right way to boil milk is to keep stirring continuously with a spoon or a spoon as long as the milk is kept on the heat. After this, turn off the gas after the milk comes to a boil.

Do not make the mistake of boiling the milk again and again. The more time it is boiled, the more its nutrients are destroyed. So try to boil it only once. Do not boil more than twice, even if it is very necessary.

Remember these things too

1- If you are drinking milk after meals, then eat only half a stomach, otherwise digestive problems can be disturbed.

2- Never consume milk with onion and brinjal. The chemicals present in these can cause skin diseases by interacting with each other.

3- Never take milk with fish or meat. This may cause white spots or leucoderma on the skin.

4- Never drink milk immediately after eating food. This takes time to digest food and may cause stomach heaviness.

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