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Monday, January 4, 2021

Pigeons are very dangerous for humans, they will be shocked to know the reason


Dove is dangerous

Pigeons are very dangerous for our health

In Hindi films, the pigeon must have been seen in the character of 'dakiyae', which works to bring the first letter of first love to Sajan. Well! These films talk, but today we are going to tell you a very important thing related to pigeon, which everyone must know, especially pigeon lovers. If you put a pigeon in the morning to call the pigeons on the roof or balcony, you must still read this news.

You will be surprised to know that pigeons are very dangerous for our health, their being around us can bring us in the grip of many serious diseases.Dove is dangerous

You can become a lame infection victim

Feather dusts coming out of the wings of pigeons are very sensitive to humans, due to their grip you can become a victim of severe lung infection. Apart from this, many types of viruses, bacteria and fungus are found in the feces of pigeons… which can cause many types of allergies. The pigeon's stool flies into the air after drying, which mixes in the air particles. When we breathe in the same air, that stool enters our body, which causes breathing and many lung related diseases.

pigeon side effects

The cure is not a fake toy

Some people get pigeons forged on the balcony and roof, but this is not a cure. Sometimes pigeons spread the infection by sitting on the net. If you really want to avoid the pigeon, then put a toy on the balcony and roof where the pigeons always sit. They will see if a toy is kept there, they will not come there.

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