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Monday, January 4, 2021

People in this village are also afraid of harvesting crops, know what is the reason

About 27 km from the headquarters of Chatra district of Jharkhand. 
The people of the village are living under a strange danger. The people of this village are victims of 
superstition even in modern times The situation is that even in the digital age, the people of the village do not even go to harvest the crops in the field for fear of ghosts and thus the whole crop is left open in the village.

There is a risk of trouble

The villagers say that if they go to harvest, the village will be in trouble. Sanjay Yadav from the village said that the priest has a lot of influence here. If the owner of the village does not worship, there is a fear that something will go wrong. Once the priest did not worship, the villagers did not cultivate for fear of ghosts. Before harvesting, people worship the village deity at the village owner.

If there is no worship, there will be no harvest

The people of the village are afraid that if the puja is not done, something bad news may come. Khemlal Yadav of the village said, "People leave their crops in the fields for fear of something untoward happening. People believe that harvesting is not possible unless the worship of the village deity is traditionally performed. "People don't go to the farm for fear that the ghost will do something wrong to them because of the harvest," said Prakash Kumar here. Even before this, many villages in the district did not cultivate for 3 years due to fear of ghosts.

Farming was not done for 3 years for fear of ghosts

Anita Mishra, a social activist, said, "The people of Pitij village are living in superstition. An awareness campaign against superstition will be launched as soon as possible among the people and they will be persuaded to harvest the ready crop in the field. The people of the surrounding villages are a little distracted by the harvest.

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