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Monday, January 18, 2021

OMG! The people of this village sleep for months like Kumbhakarna, you too will be shocked to know the reason

You must have heard about Kumbhakarna. 
Yes, we are talking about Kumbhakarna, the brother of Lankapati 
Ravana . Kumbhakarna is known for his sleep. He slept 6 months and woke up 6 months that year. Even today, if someone sleeps more, he is given the status of Kumbhakaran . There is a village in the world where people sleep like Kubhakarna.

The people of this village sleep for months

There is a village where people sleep for many months. You may be almost annoyed by what we hear, but this is absolutely true. The name of this strange village is Kalanchi. So let us know a very strange thing connected with this village.

Strange village located in Kazakhstan

In the village of Kalachi in Kazakhstan, people sleep for many months. This is why the village is also called Sleepy Hollow. People here are often seen sleeping. Because of this a lot of research has been done on these people.

The reason scientists told people to sleep for months

The people of this village are told by taking more sleep that a very toxic gas of uranium is emitted here. Because people here sleep. The water of this village has also become very polluted due to the toxic gas of uranium. Scientists have found in their study that the water here contains carbon monoxide gas, which causes people to sleep for months.

People forget everything after sleeping

The village of Kalachi in Kazakhstan is home to about 600 people. These people do not remember anything after sleeping. The disease has taken a heavy toll on the people of this village. These people remember their stories only when others tell them.

People here do not feel sleepy

You will be annoyed to hear one more thing from the people of this village. Because, people here seem to sleep anywhere. People here who suffer from a strange sleep disorder fall asleep at any time while walking, eating or bathing. The people of this strange village say that they are not even aware of falling asleep.

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