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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Now you can do pregnancy test at home with Dettol, know the right way

Periods are closed. 
Now you doubt whether you are pregnant or not? What would you do in such a situation? Go out of the house, buy a pregnancy kit. After this, you will check yourself. Kits are not the only option for pregnancy tests. You can also confirm the pregnancy with the help of Dettol at home. Dettol is available in almost every home. Today we will tell you how you can do a pregnancy test at home with the help of Dettol.

What items will be needed

For this you will need a teaspoon of Dettol and a small empty compartment or disposable glass. Always use the first urine in the morning to do a pregnancy test with Dettol. First, store the urine in an empty container for this test. You take a small amount of Dettol in another glass than the amount of urine stored in the can. Now mix the urine and detox together and wait five minutes.

Now identify the result in this way

You will have to wait until after the test to see if you are pregnant. So you should know how to check the result. If foam is found in the mixture of urine and datal it means that the result is positive. If no change is seen in the mixture, it means that the test is negative.

How Accurate is the Dettol Pregnancy Test?

Before we talk about the results we got from the Dettol pregnancy test, it is important to know how this solution gives us the result. The level of HCG hormone is highest in the urine of a pregnant woman. Thus urine also contains uric acid while detox contains the main compound chloroxylinol.

It is believed that a chemical reaction occurs when the main compound of urine is mixed with chloroxylanol. This results in the urine changing color or becoming foamy. This procedure can be used to determine if a woman is pregnant.

What is the evidence of this test

There is no scientific evidence yet to confirm the pregnancy in this way. However this method can be used as a home remedy. It is quite safe. There is no risk in this investigation. Nevertheless, expert advice is important. You can alternatively adopt this method. You can then confirm using the Pregnancy Kit.

When to go to the doctor

If you are experiencing some symptoms with the Dettol Pregnancy Test, then you should have a checkup by your doctor to confirm the pregnancy. These symptoms and signs are as follows.


-Periods will be missed


-Frequent mood swings


-Frequent urination

-Experience chest pain.

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