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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Is it safe or dangerous to have an ultrasound during pregnancy? Know what research says?

There was a time when nothing could be known about the unborn child but today there is a time when all the movements of the unborn child are monitored. 
Its development can be known by the doctor. All this is made possible by the ultrasound technique. Due to this technique, information about any child growing in the womb today can be obtained from time to time as well as all its movements can be seen. But the question is, is it appropriate to have repeated ultrasounds during pregnancy and is it safe for the baby as well? So here today we will find out how suitable ultrasound is.

Researchers are saying that research has been done on some children of different ages to find out whether the ultrasound technique is safe. Does it affect children's development? The research also included some children who had five ultrasounds.

Ultrasound has no effect on children's development - research

"Ultrasound has no effect on children's development, communication, behavior or any other activity," the research said. However, its effect on the fetus is needed. '

General effect on the fetus from repeated ultrasound in the 18 weeks before pregnancy - experts

Some experts believe that frequent ultrasounds in the 18 weeks before pregnancy have a general effect on the fetus. But research has shown no effect on children's development.

Experts believe that ultrasound is a must for every woman. With the help of which the doctor can constantly monitor the health of the woman and her unborn child. Two ultrasounds are recommended in a normal pregnancy. '

A maximum of three to four ultrasounds can be done

Regarding the frequency with which pregnant women should undergo ultrasound, the expert says, "The physical health of a pregnant woman determines how often she should undergo ultrasound. A maximum of three to four ultrasounds can be done. '

However let me tell you that on a general basis experts never give advice on ultrasound. Ultrasound is called for when the condition of the fetus is worse. However, it is worth noting that more research has shown that ultrasound has no effect on fetal development. It is important to note that ultrasound does not cause any serious illness in children, such as cancer. The ultrasound technique is completely safe for pregnant women.

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