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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Inauspicious Signs: Fall of these 7 things is very inauspicious, financial crisis surrounds

Often, in the rush of life and work, we fall from our hands even without wanting some things. 
However, we try our best to keep things from falling, but inadvertently things fall from our hands. Because of which many people get upset, by the way, things should not be disturbed. But if some things fall repeatedly from your hand, then it can be a sign of inauspicious signs. If this is happening then you need to be careful. If we believe in astrology, there is a sign of the planet getting heavier due to repeated dropping and falling of hands. Apart from this, the fall of things can also be Vastu Dosh. So let us know which seven things fall inauspicious and what are the signs of them.

If the milk falls, as per
Vastu, repeated boiling of milk is not auspicious. If milk is falling again and again, then it shows signs of decrease in the happiness and prosperity of the house. The fall of milk indicates signs of fighting and fighting in the family. According to religious beliefs, continuous milk spill can cause economic crisis.

Loss of salt
if your hands often falls salt means that your Venus and the moon planet is fragile. The weakening of the planet Venus can cause problems in marital life, and the weakening of the moon can cause respiratory diseases.

Fall of Pepper
If Black Pepper often falls from your hand, then it means that your relationship with a close relative is going to deteriorate. In such a situation, it is important to be careful.

Grain loss
is wheat (Wheat), Rice (Rice) or any grain (Grain) falls that often means is ominous. Annapurna Devi gets angry due to falling grain. So when you accidentally fell the grain, pick it up quickly and apply it from the forehead and apologize to Annapurna Devi for her mistake.

Falling oil If oil falls repeatedly from your hand while preparing food, then understand that there is going to be a big crisis in the family. There are also signs of increasing debt due to oil fall.

Thali Falling When performing Puja or Aarti, it is considered inauspicious if Puja Ki Thali falls or falls by hand. This means that God is not happy with your worship and falling of the plate indicates the impending crisis. In such a situation, be careful and pray to God that there should be no crisis on the family.

The fall of
vermilion is considered very inauspicious and if the vermilion is falling from your hands again and again, it means that any misfortune may befall your husband. The fall of vermilion is also an indicator of loss in money and business.

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