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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Daily Horoscope (23-01-2021)

Aries -
 Today you are likely to suffer financial loss. Eye disorders, headaches and family problems may occur. Health, love, business are moderate. Donate any black colored objects.

Taurus- Today you are prone to physical harm. Circumstances can suddenly be unfavorable. Cross over Health, love, business everything seems to be middle. You should worship Shani Dev.

Gemini - Partnership may be a problem. There may be some problem from an outsider. Health is moderate. Love is fine There is a possibility of some loss from the business point of view. Donate the black object.

Cancer - Some bad news can be found. Health is moderate. The state of love is fine. It is also good from a business point of view but do not fall into the grip of great profit, there is a possibility of loss.

Leo- There is a possibility of defeat in -court-court. There is a possibility of chest disorder. Problems with parental property can also cause problems in the health of the father. Health is the medium of love. Take care that nothing goes wrong from a business point of view. Donate the black object.

Virgo- Put your mind in Dharma. Do not get entangled in the stuff of extravagance. Pay attention to honor. Health, love, business are the middle three. Chant Rahu Mantra.

Libra- is a bad time. Injuries can occur. Can get into some trouble. Cross over Health, love, business are all in bad shape. Stay in the shelter of mother Kali.

Scorpio - Jeevansathi or lover-girlfriend is a distance, feared estrangement. There may be problems in employment. You can get upset with stomach disease. Health, love, business are all visible in the middle. Donate the black object.

Sagittarius  - will dominate the enemies. You will get deep knowledge, but take care not to hurt your feet. Health is good, love is good, business is going well. Donate the black object.

Capricorn - Focus on the health of children. Students should not make any new beginning in reading and writing. Health Medium, Prem is in a bad state. Even from a business point of view it would not be a very good time. Stay in the shelter of mother Kali.

Aquarius- - Deal with household things very cool. There is a possibility of chest disorder. Do not consider buying land, buildings, vehicles. Health, love, business are moderate. Do Jalabhisheka to Lord Shiva.

Pisces- frequency will bring color, but do not do any work by connecting with the wrong people. Focus on the health of brothers and friends. Take care not to have problems with nose, ears, throat. Health, love, business are moderate. Donate the black object.

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