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Saturday, January 16, 2021

In this way worship and fast of Shani Dev, all bad things will become

Saturday is the day of Lord Shani. 
Worshiping Shani Dev on this day removes all the sufferings of a person. People who are walking on Saturn for seven and a half years also end. It is believed that to get rid of Shani Saturn, starting from the original constellation Saturdays, worshiping Shani Dev for seven Saturdays should be fasted along with it. By worshiping and fasting on Shani Dev, Lord Shani is blessed and all sorrows are over. At the same time, if Shanidev gets angry, then many kinds of crises come on the person. On Saturday, you should keep a few things in mind.

1. For fasting, one should wake up early on Saturday and take a bath. After that, while worshiping Hanuman ji and Shani Dev, sesame seeds, cloves containing water should be offered on the Peepal tree.

2. Black clothes and black things should be donated to a poor person on Saturday. Because black cloth is very popular with Shani Dev.

3. Do not use copper utensils during the worship of Shani Dev. Because copper is the metal of the Sun and Shani Dev has enmity with the Sun.

4. Do not offer anything of red color in the worship of Shani. The reason for this is that the red color and its related things are related to Mars. Mars is also considered an enemy of Saturn.

5. Offer black sesame and black urad to Shani Dev on Saturday.

6. In the worship of Shani Dev, keep in mind that cleanliness should be kept in mind while worshiping.

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