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Thursday, January 7, 2021

IIT Mandi researchers built such a road, which will generate electricity

New Delhi. 
In the modern world everything is possible, there is only delay to show it. Now walking on your road will generate electricity. It is astonishing to hear, but it is true and this is the future. This has been shown to be true by the researchers of the Indian Institute of Technology Market. They have built a road on which electricity is generated by walking. Dr. Rahul Vaish, the team leader of the researchers who built this special road, says that his team has used piezoelectric materials to create a road that produces electricity.

This is special Vastu that makes electrical energy from mechanical energy. This will convert the mechanical energy produced by the pressure and drag and friction on the road into electrical energy. According to India Times news, Dr. Rahul Vaish says that this material should be installed in every street. This can directly solve the problem of electricity. A lot of work is yet to be done on this material as it is generating very less electricity. Both the quantity and strength of this material will have to be increased.

Dr. Rahul Vaish and his team have enhanced their capacity with the help of new technology graded polling in the road constructed from piezoelectric material. Due to graded polling, the power generation capacity will be increased up to a hundred times in a road constructed from piezoelectric materials. Now a road is generating electricity up to one watt. On this research, IIT Mandi also issued a statement saying that, the research results have been very positive. There is always a possibility of change. The road made by piezoelectric material and graded polling method is really generating electricity.

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