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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

If you can't see the photo of the facebook Locked Profile maker, then follow this trick now

Social media has become a part of youth life nowadays. 
Then the most popular application in youth is facebook. People on Facebook are more likely to steal each other's accounts. So Facebook has implemented facebook Locked Profile feature to protect users from people. Best of all, if you choose a Locked Profile for your Facebook ID, no user other than your friends will be able to see your photo. But the good thing about this feature is that no stranger can see your post as well as any other type of information. Can't even take a screenshot of your Locked Profile.

Difficulty accepting request due to not being able to see the profile

That's why this feature is perfect for your privacy. But the problem here is that when you receive a friend request from a Locked Profile, it is very difficult to accept the request because you cannot see the profile. However today we will tell you how to easily view Locked Profile on Facebook.

First go to Locked Profile on your laptop or desktop. Then right click on the profile picture. Now tap on Copy Image Address. Open a new window and post the url in it. Locked Profile photo will be seen.

Open the following link and see facebook Locked Profile

Another option to view the Locked Profile is also available. Remember the username of the locked profile. Now go to 'http://graph.facebook.com/username/userid/picture?width=2000&height=2000' and type the name instead of the username. You will immediately see the profile picture.

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