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Friday, January 15, 2021

IAS Interview questions: Does swallowing or licking diamond cause death?

IAS Interview Questions:
 All the students who have applied for the UPSC Civil Services Exam want to become IAS, but not everyone's dream is fulfilled.To get the UPSC Civil Services Exam, the student has many types Hurdles have to go through. Not only the exam, but after the exam, you also have to give an interview.

UPSC interview is also very difficult and many times candidates fail in it and lose their jobs. Keeping these things in mind, we are telling you about the trick question asked in the interview. It is not necessary that these questions will be asked in the interview but through these questions you can understand the pattern of exam very well.

Question :-

1. What do the people of Japan do about the peel after eating banana.

2. Which is the one without which no one can be identified?

3. How many traffic lights are there in your city?

4. If we dig a hole in the ground, will we reach space?

5. Which organism is present when it is touched?

6. How many letters are there in Sanskrit alphabet?

7. Someone says plastic money?

8. Two houses are on fire, one is of the rich and the other is of the poor, which house will be extinguished by the police first

9. The interviewer ordered a cup of coffee for the candidate. The coffee arrived and was placed in front of the candidate, then the candidate was asked, WHAT IS BEFORE YOU?

10. Does swallowing or licking diamond cause death?


1. Eat and throw away.

2. Name

3. Hearing this question, do not hesitate to count the traffic lights, the answer is three trefoil lights, red, green and yellow

4. In 1970, Russian scientists started digging on the earth but the machine stopped working only after reaching 12262 meters. The temperature inside the ground was 180 degrees, according to scientists the Earth's surface is 6400 km deep. In such a situation, the thing that goes into the dug space is rubbish.

5. Electric eel

6. The Sanskrit alphabet consists of 54 letters.

7. Of credit cards

8. Police does not extinguish fire, for this fire brigade should be called.

9. T comes before U The alphabet 'T' comes before 'U' and hence.

10. It is discussed among the common people, this is a kind of myth which people have created. Nobody dies by licking diamond. Yes, but swallowing quintessence can cause death or health loss under any circumstances. Swallowing a large-sized hero may cause a person to die due to being trapped in the windpipe.

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