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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

How was the world's first website? When and who started, know the whole story

Dear readers, in this previous article, we told you wholeheartedly about the history of Internet in India. 
And now we are going to tell you about the history of the website in this article. We are going to introduce you to the first website of the world and also to the person who for the first time made the world's first website live in the internet world and recorded his name in indelible letters in the history of history. The man's name is Sir Tim Berners. It was British scientists who are also known as Father of the Internet. This is the same person who first made the world's first website live on the Internet world. Sir Tim Berners launched the website for the first time on the Internet world on 6 August 1991. 

Sir Tim Berners, who discovered the World Wide Web, launched the world's first website on NeXT computers on 20 December 1990. In this website, he gave the details of his server setup. He also suggested ways to access the data accessed on the server. You may be surprised to know, but it is true that even today the first website of Dania is present on the world of internet. You can open it through address.

Find out why the first website was created 
here, let us tell you that the world's first website was created for the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Whose address was This website was created for France and Switzerland. Explain that by opening this website, you will get the information entered by Sir Tim Berners. Not only this, you 

may be surprised to know that even today CERN has its real server, on which Sir Tim Berners first hosted his website, but after such a long journey there is a lot of change in it now and today Has arrived Today it may not be the same as the first, but it is interesting that even today it has retained its place on the world of internet.

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