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Monday, January 18, 2021

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti: Real story of defeating 10 lakh mughal soldiers by only 43 sikh, know the 'Kesari' saga

You all must have seen the film Kesari. 
In that film, the story of the valor of the Sikhs during the Battle of Saragarhi of 1897 is shown in the year 1897 when 21 Sikhs got together and killed 10,000 Afghans. But you probably do not know about Guru Gobind Singh's Battle of Chamkaur, which took place in 1704 even before the Saragarhi war. During the Chamkaur war, not 10 thousand but 10 lakh soldiers were killed by 43 Sikhs including Guru Gobind Singh.

To feel the valor of Guru Gobind Singh in this war, you have to see it by connecting yourself. Suppose you encounter ten people unarmed, how will you face them? Then how could those 43 Sikhs have defeated an army of 10 lakh people? It will feel a bit unimaginable, but it is true. On January 20, it is Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, on this occasion let us tell you the story of Guru Gobind Singh's bravery.

The suppression of Mughals was at its peak around 1704. He was engaged in forcibly converting people. Then the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh opposed it. He had opened a front against the Mughals. The Mughals had failed to defeat them and wanted to catch them alive or dead. So they surrounded Anandpur Sahib. They knew that there was not much ration water left in Anandpur Sahib. After a few days, Guru Gobind Singh will have to come out for this. Then they will catch them. But Guru Gobind Singh went out from there, dodging the Mughal army.

This irritated the Mughals and started following them. Guru Gobind Singh reached the Sirsa River with the people of Anandpur Sahib. At that time, the river was at its peak. In this situation, many people were swept away crossing the river. Only Guru Gobind Singh had two sons and 40 Sikhs left. They were exhausted and looking for a safe place. During this time, they reached Chamkaur and Guru Gobind Singh and other Sikhs were asked by the people there to stay at Kutchi Haveli.

When the water receded into the river, the Mughal army, along with 10 lakh soldiers, laid siege to the mansion and asked Guru Gobind Singh to surrender. The Mughals were convinced that now even Guru Gobind Singh could not defeat such a large army. But the Guru was not allowed to kneel. He divided his colleagues into small groups.

When the Mughals challenged them, Guru Gobind Singh sent a group of Sikhs one by one with swords, spears and arrows. Those Sikhs faced the Mughals firmly and destroyed more than half the army. During this time, all the Sikhs became martyrs while fighting. Guru Gobind Singh and his two companions were left. Guru Gobind Singh did not want to go away from there, so he shouted to the Mughal soldiers that I am going, if you have the courage, catch it.

During this time he killed those soldiers of the enemy army who were standing with torches. The torches fell on the ground and were extinguished. Only darkness had turned dark all around. In this situation, the soldiers died after fighting among themselves. When Wazir Khan saw the scene in the morning, the army was over and Guru Gobind Singh escaped from there.

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